After last week's 'Thanksgiving' episode of 'Glee' featured current hit songs like 'Gangnam Style' and 'Live While We're Young,' the show is going back in time for this week's 'Swan Song' episode, with a song list featuring old-school ballads and famous songs from classic musicals.

One of the highlights of 'Swan Song' will be a dance-off between Rachel and her instructor Cassie, played by Kate Hudson. Fearful that she might be wasting her time trying to teach Rachel, Cassie demands a dance-off with her pupil. The two sing 'All That Jazz' from the musical 'Chicago' as they try to out-diva each other.

Rachel also performs a solo rendition of Barbra Streisand's 'Being Good Isn't Good Enough,' which may describe her feelings as she tries to prove her worth to her instructor. That's an old song Streisand first recorded in 1985 but did not release until a few months ago.

Kurt gets a long-overdue solo on 'Being Alive,' a song from the musical 'Company,' while Sam and Brittany team up for 'Somethin' Stupid,' a tune written in 1966 and made famous by Frank and Nancy Sinatra. The final number in 'Swan Song' is Crowded House's 1986 pop hit 'Don't Dream It's Over,' which gets an ensemble performance from Finn, Marley, Sam, Brittany, Blaine and Tina.

'Swan Song' airs on Thursday, Dec. 6 at 9PM ET on FOX.

'Glee' 'Swan Song' Song List:
'Somethin' Stupid,' Sam and Brittany (Carson and Gaile)
'All That Jazz,' Rachel and Cassandra (from the musical 'Chicago')
'Being Good Isn't Good Enough', Rachel (Barbra Streisand)
'Being Alive,' Kurt (from the musical 'Company')
'Don't Dream It's Over,' Finn, Marley, Sam, Brittany, Blaine and Tina (Crowded House)

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