'Glee' favorites the Warblers will return to FOX for a little screen time on this Tuesday's 'The First Time' episode -- and they'll even have a chance to sing to kick off their much-anticipated reunion. The Dalton Academy gang will lead us in Billy Joel's singalong hit, 'Uptown Girl.'

The Warblers' performance will be a welcome break from the 'West Side Story' onslaught that is expected to ensue in the Nov. 8 episode. Unfortunately, gleeks who are drawn to the Top 40 and recognizable classic covers will be discouraged, as New Directions will aim their focus toward their stage production, leaving Britney and Bieber numbers in the dust.

Though the Warblers are now noticeably without Blaine Anderson, who is officially enrolled at McKinley High, they'll get a new leader in the form of "gay villain" Sebastian (Grant Gustin), who is likely frontrunning this rendition. The 'Uptown Girl' cover highlights everything we love about 'Glee' -- smooth vocals, sweet melodies and household names (because Broadway just isn't everyone's cup of tea).

In short, we're stoked for this one to come to life on our screen and save us from the show tunes. Bring it on, Warblers!

Listen to 'Glee' Cast, 'Uptown Girl'