We're so sad that there's no new 'Glee' this week, in light of Christmas break and all, but don't fret! Your favorite hit FOX music series will return to your living room on Jan. 17, bringing with them a clean slate and a piping hot batch of cover songs, including this Rihanna 'We Found Love' dish.

We're sure that the creators over at 'Glee' know that covering Rihanna is like covering, well, Beyonce; to even attempt the divaliciousness you'd need not one, but two people to fill her shoes. In this rendition, Rachel and Santana duet on the saucy song, while the rest of the New Directions lend a hand on the background vocals.

The ever-feuding glee club girls do one heck of a job coming together in perfect harmony, and dare we say the 'Glee' cast 'We Found Love' attempt doesn't even make us feel like we're lacking the one-and-only Barbadian singer. Read: It's good. Really good. It's got sass, sex and big voices -- plenty of them. The only thing this one is missing is more Mercedes.

Listen to 'Glee' Cast, 'We Found Love'