The 'Wonder-Ful' episode of 'Glee,' airing this Thursday, May 2 at 9PM on Fox, is literally full of wonder and Wonder full.

That's because the New Directions tackle the songs of the R&B icon known as Stevie Wonder throughout the episode. All the classics, from 'Superstition' to 'Uptight' and more, are covered.

The ep also marks the return of the phenomenal Kate Hudson as Rachel's scenery-chewing dance instructor and nemesis, while Katey Sagal of 'Sons of Anarchy' (and 'Married With Children') fame also guests. Sagal portrays Artie's mother and in the plot, he receives news that could affect both his future and that of his mother. Sounds like yet another reason to tune in to the ep.

Meanwhile, over in NYC, Rachel preps for the 'Funny Girl' call back.

Old flames are rekindled (Klaine!) and an old battle (Rachel vs. Cassandra!) is reignited.

Tune in this Thursday to witness the drama and to hear the Directions tackle a bunch of Wonder-ful tunes.

'Glee' 'Wonder-Ful Songs – Full Episode List

- 'Signed Sealed Delivered (I'm Yours),' New Directions (Stevie Wonder)
- 'Superstition,' New Directions (Stevie Wonder)
- 'You Are the Sunshine of My Life,' Kurt (Stevie Wonder)
- 'I Wish,' New Directions (Stevie Wonder)
- 'Uptight (Everything's Alright),' Cassandra (Stevie Wonder)
- 'Higher Ground,' Mercedes (Stevie Wonder)
- 'For Once in My Life,' Artie (Stevie Wonder)

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