'Glee' goes 'Gangnam.'It was only a matter of time before Psy's viral K-Pop smash 'Gangnam Style' found its way on to an episode of 'Glee.' If you are a fan of the show and the song and can't wait for the actual ep to air and to hear the song in the context of the plot and the goings on on the show, then you can check out the cast's take on the song, and listen to the full preview right here, right now.

It's full and fun, and in the spirit of Psy's original. This version is a little bit chunkier and synthier but we think even Psy himself would be feeling it. The 'Glee' cast usually does a great job with these types of songs and this time is no different.

It has a global, cosmopolitan sound. Those kids at McKinley High in Ohio aren't as small town as you might think.

Hey, sexy lady!

We're looking forward to the 'Glee' kids copying and emulating Psy's signature dance moves. Bring it, Gleeks.