Parking lot pimping! That's the principle that governs Justin Bieber's video for 'Boyfriend,' his most grown up clip to date. It's full of swag and more swag. As if we expect any less from Da Biebs. Now we get to go behind the scenes with The Biebs and Director X as they detail the overarching concept.

In this two minute clip, Director X explains the theme, saying, "It's parking lot pimpin'. Having a good time, daytime into nighttime, hot cars, doing some stunts, pretty girls, Bieber doing his thing."

That’s the vid in a nutshell.

X also revealed that since The Biebs had a new look and is more mature, that the teen's label consulted him beforehand to let him know "where" the singer is going with his look, sound and career.

"It's an older, more mature, James Dean-type of character," X said. "So I had to match the video, with the cars, look, style. It all felt really right."

It all looks really right, too.

The clip also features footage of The Biebs dancing, singing, hanging out with the choreographers and extras, and celebrating when it wraps!

Watch Justin Bieber Behind-the-Scenes Footage of 'Boyfriend'