Triple backflips, animal masks, and torrential downpour inside a warehouse. No, we're not telling you about the dream we had last night. It's Chris Brown's new 'Turn Up the Music' gave us a taste with a quick look behind the scenes of this epic new video, which  features, among all sorts of visual flair, Chris Brown doing what he does best: moving it like a boss. There are also ten dancers in suits, some weird cartoon animal heads, a light show and what looks like a tribute to 'Singin' in the Rain.'

Godfrey Tabarez, who co-directed the video with Breezy, said that they "wanted to make people ... feel like they're in this video." Well, if this short BTS video is any indication, then mission accomplished. The party atmosphere is turned up the eleven and everybody seems to be having a blast.

The new Chris Brown Album 'Fortune' drops on March 16th. Based on what we've heard so far, we're looking forward to hearing what Breezy has in store!

Watch Chris Brown Behind the Scenes of 'Turn Up the Music'