Backed into a corner, at the end of his rope, down on his luck: These are just a few comfortable spots for any story's underdog, and Golden Coast's "Comeback Kid" chronicles each like a dark horse's tailor-made symphony.

Ahead of a forthcoming, yet-to-be-titled Golden Coast EP, PopCrush is premiering the Los Angeles' duo's latest track — a clean, synth-and-instrument hybrid that'll have you cursing summer's end. Group members Denny White and Steven Mudd have already made a name for themselves as masterful hook-writers, and the word of mouth will only improve from here: "Comeback Kid" is glee-tinged conquest, and a contender for yet another No. 1 on Hype Machine.

"You can feel my breath, until I've got nothing left / No I'll always raise your bet inside the ring / So go ahead and steal my crown," Golden Coast warns with Ryan Tedder-worthy falsetto across funky, tambourine-slapped progressions.

Mudd told PopCrush the song's meant to inspire resolution in any listener, and that it's rooted in his and White's conviction to staying true to their sound, no matter its reception.

"There's a sentiment that we're here to stay and do what we do," he said. "Whether this person or that person is on board doesn't really matter. If you keep doing your thing, people will eventually gravitate to your consistency...[It's] kind of a plea or charge to the listener to keep doing what they think they were put on earth to do."

And if laid-back and danceable is up your alley, get ready for more — the next Golden Coast chapter will deliver plenty that's complementary, though Mudd said to expect experiments with tempo.

Listen to "Comeback Kid" and share your thoughts on Golden Coast's newest track in the comments.

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