Goldroom supplied one of the summer's best, most freshest dance floor delights with May's It's Like You Never Went Away, a lush, nostalgic 4-part collection of female-fronted tunes, complete with four accompanying videos that came together to form one 17-minute mini-movie that premiered on Snapchat — a first for the photo sharing service. #Innovative!

A few months later, and the Boston-bred DJ/producer returns with a bright and buoyant new tune, this time with a familiar name attached to the production: Tinashe.

Sung by Ren Farren, the track was co-penned alongside the "Player" princess on the rise.

"I really wanted to show what you could do with live instruments, and to explore the idea of a less electronic future for Goldroom. When Tinashe and I sat down together to write the song, we wrote it about just that, the future," Goldroom says of the new single, which merges flourishes of synthesized euphoria with bright piano chords and a sexy bass line.

"At the time we were both in a place where the horizon looked really bright, and we wanted to write something that would convey all of the excitement and anxiety that comes along with that feeling. It can be terrifying to have the world telling you things are about to 'ignite', and to me this song really captures that moment."

The track comes just as Goldroom's Waiting To Ignite Tour kicked off in Syracuse earlier this month.

Listen to the song above, and check out Goldroom's tour dates on his official website.

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