The next Goo Goo Dolls album is "maybe...halfway done," according to singer John Rzeznik. The frontman told Billboard the record will be "more uptempo and very sort of upbeat" compared to the group's last effort, 'Something for the Rest of Us.'

Rzeznik said he doesn't know for sure when the album will come out, but he hopes it's soon: "I want to put it out as fast as I can. It's the modern world of the future; you can't wait three or four years in between albums anymore."

One of the new songs is called 'Last Hot Night in America,' and the band plans to perform it on this summer's tour with Michelle Branch.

The singer said the new songs "just sound a little happier than some of the material I've written in the past. Right now it just feels like a reflection of my head space, too. I don't think we're that much better than we were, but people are sort of calming down, and I think we're re-framing our expectations as a society. So I guess that's all you can do, really, is write what you are thinking and feeling."

While fans wait for the Dolls' new album, the band does have a new song out. 'All That You Are' appears on the 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' soundtrack, in stores now.

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