Graffiti6 performed an acoustic rendition of the song 'Over You' with one mic and in one take. Color us impressed.

Actually, color the video black and white, since it's a simple video shot in those tones. If you ever wanted to feel like you were taking in a Graffiti6 show where it was just you and singer Jamie Scott in a room together, with him tapping away on the ivories of his piano and singing in his semi-falsetto voice, this video is as close as you're going to get. It's intimate, that's for sure.

Scott performed the song, which appears on 'Colours,' at the Capitol Studios. We love the simple, unedited feel. It's the imperfections that make people and artists interesting and while that's not to suggest that this rendition is riddled with mistakes or anything of the sort, it's the unpolished, organic vibe of the performance, the playing and this clip that we love. There's a visceral quality that makes you feel right there.

Who needs all the extraneous bells and whistles when you can strip down (not that way!) and get bare and hit bone?

That's what Graffiti6 does in this sweet video.