Grant Gustin, who plays the love-to-hate character of Sebastian the Warbler on 'Glee,' first appeared on the scene earlier this season in hot pursuit of Blaine, memorably calling him "sex on a stick."

In a series of chats with Billboard, Gustin spoke about tonight's 'On My Way' winter finale, which features his Warblers singing The Wanted's 'Glad You Came' and has "epic plots twists that I don't think anybody will see coming."

Gustin also says the relationship with Blaine is a little more up in the air in this ep, and reveals that he thinks that Sebastian genuinely cares for Blaine, but his priorities are out of line. He also revealed that he is unaware of the writer's backstory for Sebastian or even how long the character will be around on the show.

Fans submitted 40 questions, like if Sebastian will eventually give up on Blaine, who is committed to Kurt. Gustin said, "I was leaning towards maybe possibly, since Blaine wasn't giving him any signs it was going to work out."

He also said that he has his own personal idea of his character's backstory in his mind, but "I've been given no indication of what his backstory is, I don't even know how much longer Sebastian will be around so I don't know if it matters to anybody. I think he has been hurt in one way or another."

Gustin also responded to the question of whether or not Sebastian really wants Blaine or if he is  just trying to piss off Kurt, saying, "I have an idea. He has priorities that might not be in line, but he definitely cares for Blaine."

Drama, drama, drama! Tune in tonight at 8PM ET to find out what happens on the winter finale.

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