Even being a world-famous rock star like Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong doesn't give you the right to go around with your pants sagging too low. Not on Southwest Airlines, anyway.

Armstrong found out the hard way on Thursday when he was booted from his Southwest flight from Oakland to Burbank. He tweeted, "Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! What the f--k? No joke!"

Cindy Qiu was a passenger on Armstrong's flight and described what went down. "Basically, all the passengers were already seated, we were ready to go, they had already told us to start to turn our cellphones off," she said.

Qiu added that Armstrong initially replied, "Don't you have better things to do than worry about that?" when asked to pull his pants up. He later said, "I'm just trying to get to my f---ing seat," and was then removed from the flight. That's Billie Joe, still a rebel at age 39!

Southwest responded diplomatically on the company's Twitter feed, writing, "Very sorry for your experience tonight, someone from our Customer Relations Team will reach out to you to get more details."

It sounds like the situation has been resolved, as the company later added, "As soon as we became aware of what had happened, we reached out to apologize for this Customer's experience. He elected to take the next flight. We followed up with this Customer and involved Employees to get more details and, in our latest conversations, understand from the Customer the situation was resolved to his satisfaction."