On Thursday, Green Day played a secret show in California consisting of rare and brand-new songs, one of which was 'Amy,' a ballad about the late Amy Winehouse.

Billie Joe Armstrong sang, "No one really knows about your soul / And I barely even know your name / Burning rhythms and posting lies / For a bunch of fools drown in shame / Amy don't you go / I want you around / Singin' woah, please don't go / Do you wanna be a friend of mine?"

He concluded, "May I have this last dance / By chance if we should meet? / Can you write me a lullaby / So we can sing you to sleep." The band has posted the song's complete lyrics on its website.

Adele, U2 and Mark Ronson have all dedicated songs in concert to Winehouse since the singer died last month at 27, but Green Day went one step further with their tribute by actually penning a song for the songstress.

Loudwire says Green Day's set included a few rare tracks the band had never played before, while the rest of the set was composed mostly of brand-new material. Check out a low-quality recording of the band's live performance of 'Amy.'

Listen to Green Day Sing 'Amy'