Greyson Chance already appeared on several television shows as a musical guest, with his most recent televised performance on Disney's 'So Random.' However, the 13-year-old is taking a break from musical-themed guest spots and is actually give acting a go!

The 'Unfriend You' singer and pianist has been confirmed as a guest star on the upcoming season of FOX's new hit sitcom, 'Raising Hope.' The show's creator, Greg Garcia, tweeted the good news: "Looking forward to having @greysonchance on a few episodes of 'Raising Hope' next season.”

'Raising Hope' revolves around 23-year-old single dad Jimmy, who is trying to give his daughter Hope a normal upbringing despite the fact that he has to coexist with his seriously wacky family. Chance (who coincidentally shares the same last name as the fictional family) will portray Jimmy, who was apparently a piano prodigy before a freak accident, at age 13.

Hopefully, he gets to do some funny scenes with veteran actress/comedian Cloris Leachman, who portrays the delusional and cooky Maw Maw.

Watch the 'Raising Hope' Trailer