Greyson Chance -- the Oklahoma teenager who became a viral sensation after posting a video of himself singing Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi' in an angelic voice -- sat down with Billboard for a live chat with fans recently. Chance, a well-spoken and self-professed Harry Potter nerd, is definitely wise beyond his years and more mature than you'd think. He was frank and descriptive, something that most kids his age aren't. The biggest bombshell of the interview besides the drummer of Guns N' Roses coming to one of his shows? He has had his first kiss already.

Chance covered a wide range of topics during the chat. Here are some of the most important points that the teen focused on. He was polite, detailed and informative, which was probably the product of some intense media training.

About the creative process on his album: "It has taken a year to make, but it was an amazing creative process, since you feel the emotions of a year. It's a huge melting pot of different things -- a different tone and vibe and all the songs have a different story. The boundaries were unlimited."

What he eats before he goes on stage: "I usually go on an empty stomach, which proves to be bad, but I drink a lot of Gatorade, drink tea, do warm ups and steam my voice 30 minutes before I go on stage. I have to get [my vocal cords] nice and warm."

About the "adult emotions" on his album: "Teenagers, both girls and boys, have loads of feelings. If I could take out my feelings, it could fill a couple barrels of feelings."

On who shows up at his shows: "The drummer from Guns N' Roses came to my show, and I was like, 'What is going on here?' He was just the nicest guy. I love meeting people in my travels. I met the president."

The moment he knew that he was an entertainer: "When I felt the emotion of having people clap for me. I was addicted to it. I wanted to go back out on stage, because I thought, 'I can take over a crowd, I can make people clap for me. Where is this going to lead?'"

On being adored by so many girls: "Well, it's not bad at all. My shows are a lot of kids having a lot of fun. When a girl listens to one of my songs, she feels better about herself, that means the world to me."

On what he wanted to practice during piano lessons: "I used to bring Coldplay sheet music to piano lessons and my teacher was like, 'No. Bach.'

What he wants for his birthday on Aug. 16: "I want an electronic reader. My suitcase is just piled with books."

Watch the Greyson Chance Live Chat on Billboard