Greyson Chance is giving his growing fanbase a look at his forthcoming debut album, 'Hold On 'Til the Night,' before it officially hits stores with a free download of a new song. The track, 'Heart Like Stone,' gives an unexpected glimpse at the teen's beyond-his-years maturity, and reminds us that he's serious about his craft.

"Late at night I start to think about the things I did wrong / Late at night I start to think about the things I could have done to save us from him, to save us from her, to save us from the world," the 13-year-old YouTube famer sings in the powerful opening line.

When the chorus comes in, it comes in big, as Greyson sings, "Suddenly my heart starts to feel / Yeah, my heart starts to feel / My heart starts to feel like stone," adding that his young heart never heals from the pain it's been shown.

Typically, repetitiveness and simplicity aren't sought-after traits in a deep song, but 'Heart Like Stone' hits the marks in the most perfect way and Greyson shows us a power we didn't know he had in him (okay, we did).

Compared to this one, the 'Paparazzi' cover star's latest single 'Unfriend You' seems like kid stuff -- and despite beeing a teen, Greyson is wiser than most artists three times his age. This one gets a big, fat PopCrush stamp of approval: 5 stars, no questions asked. Okay, maybe one -- what is Chance doing out "late at night"?

'Hold On 'Til the Night' impacts on Aug. 2.

Listen to Greyson Chance, 'Heart Like Stone'