With the release of his debut album, 'Hold On 'Til the Night,' right around the corner Greyson Chance is giving his fans yet another dose of new music with the release of his brand-new track 'Little London Girl.' Just like his song 'Heart Like Stone,' Chance is offering a free download of 'Little London Girl' to his fans through the site WeeWorld.

In the song 'Little London Girl,' Chance channels his inner Bruno Mars, singing over a breezy, light-hearted beat about a rock 'n' roll beauty that stole his heart in the English capital. In the chorus, Chance sings, "Ooh don't you know / I'm gonna shout it from the rooftops now, baby / I'm ready to go / Ooh don't you know / It doesn't matter if the sun's going down on me / You light my world my little London girl."

Since Chance is still very young at only 13, it may be hard for older audiences to overlook his age and take a love song from such a young'n seriously -- not to mention that his voice is still reaching maturity. With that being said, however, his voice still has the ability to reach a falsetto range that would make most singers jealous, and his comprehensive vocal and musical abilities cannot be denied.

Overall, 'Little London Girl' is a breath of fresh of air in the world of computerized pop tracks. Chance's organic musical abilities shine, and it is refreshing to hear him step outside of the comfort zone of his piano to take on a more guitar-driven track. 'Little London Girl' is fun, happy, and great to sing along with, especially when Chance belts out the "ooh's" in the chorus.

Listen to Greyson Chance, 'Little London Girl'