Poor Greyson Chance, just as he's finding his own in the music business and climbing the charts single by single, he gets shot down by a girl. No matter -- in his new 'Unfriend You' video, the 13-year-old YouTube sensation serves up the ultimate Facebook diss and deletes his ex love interest from his page.

What can you say to kids these days, growing up in the digital age, when they discover that their boyfriend or girlfriend has been cheating? That's what Greyson is facing in his new video, but rather than mope about it, he's quick on the mend and back on the prowl for another girl.

In fact, it takes Greyson under a minute to get over his crush. After stalking her on the internet, he walks past her house and sees her being extra friendly with another teen. As he's practically standing in her yard, he receives a text on his iPhone inviting him to a house party. Funny thing, though, when we caught up with Greyson last month, he told us that he's more of a Blackberry guy because he "can’t do the iPhones." We have to wonder if he changed his tune or figured out a way to make the coveted smart phone work for him -- hence the reason his text is so huge in the video!

As quickly as he switched over to the iPhone, Greyson gets over the cheating girl and makes his way to his buddy's party, where he meets a new lady friend almost instantly. They chat over drinks -- sodas, of course -- and he wins her over with his piano skills. Within minutes, he's the star of the show, and all of the girls are dancing to a pre-listen of his album, which doesn't come out until Aug. 2.

The kids decide to run amuck in the neighborhood and T.P. his ex's house, and when she comes out and sees Greyson with a new girl on his arm, our favorite YouTube famer is holding his head higher than ever.

With ping pong in the daylight, silly string, hugs and break dancing, Greyson Chance's 'Unfriend You' video has all of the innocent things you'd expect to find at a 13-year-old bash. But don't let that fool you, this kid is as mature as they come ... Sans vandalizing some unsuspecting family's lawn!

Watch the Greyson Chance 'Unfriend You' Video