Greyson Chance sings about love in metaphorical, and sometimes literal, Facebook terms on his newest single, 'Unfriend You.' The 13-year-old's newest single will most likely be featured on his upcoming album, 'Hold On Til the Night,' which Chance tells PopCrush will be released "around back-to-school time."

'Unfriend You' opens with an epic keyboard that has been modified to sound like a string section. Chance's smooth vocals kick in, and the beating drums follow close after. The song's lyrics find Chance singing about heartache in a way many kids from the same social media-centric era can relate to.

"So it's over now we're through, so I'll unfriend you / You're the best I ever knew, so I'll unfriend you / Because I should have known, right from the start / I deleted you right from my heart / Now it's over my last move is to unfriend you," Chance sings during the song's catchy chorus.

On this new track, Chance wows us once again with his powerful voice, utilizing his vocal chords to their full potential by hitting notes so high, we could have sworn we were listening to a young, male Mariah Carey protege. The piano prodigy's ability to produce a larger-than-life sound is also impressive, but he never really fails in that department anyways. Overall, we definitely 'Like' Chance's new tune a lot, and we think all of his fans out there will too.

Listen to Greyson Chance, 'Unfriend You'