To some, the mark of success is having the luxury to pawn work off on other people. But Grimes, who recently released her most successful album to date, is more inclined than ever to keep her nose pressed to the grindstone.

In Grimes: Art Angel, a short-form documentary released by The FADER yesterday (December 10), the artist says production of her fourth studio album came with incessant requests from third parties who were eager to supply her with beats. But her sound, she says, is hers and hers alone.

"I'll constantly be getting emails from producers and stuff being like: 'I'd love to, like, work on some tracks on your album!'" she notes above. "That's like me saying to you guys [Fader's video crew], 'hey, can I film this interview for you, or can I do your interview for you? It's just like, people offering to do your job all the time, it's infuriating."

Sitting in her home studio, she tells the magazine, that  "just to get to the point where I could produce my own record and have everyone f--- off and not give me s--- for it" took some time. "I don't want to be just the face of this thing I built, I want to be the person who built it," she adds.

And this, she's learned over the years, is just a facet of a much more important lesson:

"You have to push people and you have to be aggressive or you can't get your way."

Check out the Grimes: Art Angel documentary above, in which she talks more about recording the album and touring, and has a Skype chat with "Scream" rapper Aristophanes.

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