Grimes is back with a brand new video, thank Grimes.

Art Angels remains one of the best albums of 2015, not only because of its genuinely forward-thinking sound, but because of the way the multi-talented Canadian music-maker challenged the perception of female producers by helming the whole thing herself.

Of the many mind-bending moments on the record, "Kill V Maim" — a song she says she wrote "from the perspective of Al Pacino in The Godfather Part II, except he’s a vampire who can switch gender and travel through space (same!) — is undoubtedly a standout. And today (January 19), Grimes has given the hi-octane banger a visual.

As for what is going on, exactly? Like the rest of her otherworldly videos, including "Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream," that's up for interpretation — but there will be blood.

Prepare for high energy head thrashing, moshing and twitchy armography in abandoned subway stations, post-apocalyptic fashions beamed in straight from the year 3056 and one hell of a bloody good rager in the dark. A Versace-wearing Vampire Boxer Angel? Well, sure! It's like a trailer for a Tank Girl-meets-Mad Max: Fury Road sci-fi adventure-turned-video game, directed by Grimes (Claire) and her brother, Mac.


Also, not that I really needed another reason to love her, but Grimes is totally channelling Britney's "Toxic" urban joyride with Tyson Beckford...


...Or Speed Racer.

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