This week has been a busy one for Claire Boucher, a.k.a. Grimes, with her long-awaited second album Art Angels due in just a week (November 6).

On Monday, she released her two-part epic video for "Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream," which combines two songs from the upcoming album into one gory, Marie Antoinette-inspired narrative. She took to her Tumblr later Monday evening and posted artwork that corresponds to individual tracks on the album.

Today Grimes dropped another track from the album titled "SCREAM," which features vocals from Taiwanese rapper Aristophanes (via Fader), and as you'd expect from the title, features a bit of actual screaming.

Grimes announced the track on her Tumblr with a short corresponding post championing Aristophanes and providing some key production details: "Here is another new song from Art angels called SCREAM ft. Aristophanes who, if you don't know, is a really f---cking talented Taiwanese artist and one of my favourite musicians. This is the first track I've released that I produced where I am not the lead vocalist (although I did the screaming), so I'm bouncing off the walls a bit haha."

The track's Mandarin vocals swarm over aggressive, industrial beats, which Grimes herself recommends (via Instagram) we listen to "on a good system aka not laptop speakers" because "the bass was exhausting to perfect."

According to the English translation of the lyrics that Grimes also posted to her Tumblr today, "SCREAM" is no less primal than her previous offering this week. The second verse begins with an image of the narrator's lover post-orgasm lying in bed, "[s]truggling with the body fluid that is getting cold" while she reflects on the "Sticky, transparent, elastic flowers in my palm" and admits "I'm not satisfied; I want to squeeze more out of your body," just as the telephone rings and snaps her back to reality.

Art Angels will be available digitally on November 6, with a physical version to follow in December.

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