G.R.L. were understandably devastated by the death of member Simone Battle last September. However, the women found the strength to release an incredible tribute to their friend, titled 'Lighthouse.'

The powerful song plays along photos and video clips of Simone, both from her childhood and with members of G.R.L. The imagery shows the closeness of the band and the range of things they experienced together. Yeah, we were totally tearing up too.

Perhaps the most moving moment of the video is when G.R.L. join together to sing, "When the night gets cold and the lights go out / The sun is gone behind the clouds / And you feel lost / And I'll reach out / To guide you home with my lighthouse."

It's this solidarity that really drives home how strong G.R.L. are and how monumentally large this loss must be for them. In a press release, the band urged fans to visit grlgivesanhour.org where they can learn more about those suffering from mental illnesses.

You can watch G.R.L.'s incredible 'Lighthouse' tribute to Simone Battle in the video above.

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