Gwen Sebastian of North Dakota's initial appearance on 'The Voice' was misleading. With her short and spikey two-tone hair, she looks like she'd be belting Pat Benatar in a dimly lit dive bar. The image is further driven home by her black-clad drummer boyfriend, whom she affectionately calls "Lala," and with whom she put off a wedding and children to pursue music.

That image is shattered as soon as you hear her sing.

As soon as Sebastian opened her mouth to the opening notes of Sugarland's 'Stay,' you knew where her heart was: country. So did Blake Shelton, who hit button first, closely followed by Cee Lo Green, who blew her kisses (such a flirt!).

Adam Levine hit his button in her final notes, while Christina Aguilera remained the only judge not moved to make her a teammate. Sebastian was moved to tears onstage.

Shelton spoke first. "You're a great country vocalist," he gushed, "Every quality: you're tender in the right places and you're powerful in the right places. You know what you're doing," Shelton said. "You're very developed," he said before throwing in a dig at a certain 'F--- You' singer. "Cee Lo has another meaning of developed when he talks to you. I'm your country guy," Shelton assured her.  "I'm your man."

Levine tried as hard as he could to sway Sebastian to his side. "He is a country singer," Levine admitted, referring to Shelton. "It makes total sense to go with Blake." However, Levine let Sebastian know that he'd love to work with someone so different from him to get a fresh perspective. Tempting, no?

Then came Cee Lo's turn to appeal to Sebastian. "From the very beginning your voice projected so well," Cee Lo said simply. "I just wanted to turn around and let you know that you are appreciated." Aww!

Aguilera even admitted that she knew Sebastian was talented, but didn't want to fight off the other three judges. "I'm glad I wasn't in this one!"

There was no need, because Sebastian's mind was made up long ago. "My heart is country," she said, somewhat apologetically, to Levine. She turned to Shelton and confirmed what we all knew already. "Blake, I would be honored to be on your team."

The sentiment was a mutual one. After Sebastian skipped offstage, Shelton guffawed in everyone's faces. Cold, Shelton!

Watch Gwen Sebastian Perform 'Stay' on 'The Voice'