A seemingly innocent old photo from Gwen Stefani has started a backlash as well as an Internet debate over body image.

On Sunday (Feb. 2), the No Doubt singer shared a picture taken of her more than 30 years ago, while she was getting an autograph from Police frontman Sting. It wasn't the image that caused controversy, though, it was the caption that Gwen wrote alongside it, referring to herself as "chunky me."

While many followers were just amazed at the vintage photo showing a superstar-to-be meeting an already legendary artist, others pointed out that her choice of words could be considered hurtful to her female fans -- especially younger ones. Yahoo Shine published an article called "Gwen Stefani's Comments About Her 'Chunky' Body Make Us Sad," and several others voiced their displeasure via Twitter:

Others rushed to the star's defense as the backlash heated up, saying that the comment shouldn't have incited any controversy at all:

There's been no word yet on the controversy from Gwen herself. She is expecting her third child -- a boy -- and was last seen in public flaunting her baby bump.