Admire Gwen Stefani's bold lip color? Good news -- very soon you will be able to rock the 'Spark the Fire' singer's own line of lipstick!

Gwen discussed the upcoming cosmetics debut with PEOPLE earlier this week.

“I am working on some lipsticks,” she said. “This red that I’m wearing right now is a prototype.” (Catch that, guys? It looks like Gwen will officially have a signature red color!)

But it sounds like she isn't tied to one hue. The singer told PEOPLE that “I wear so many different shades, but I’m not super into the orange-reds. I have investigated them lately a lot.”

Gwen also opened up about her well-documented style.

“I’m kind of always evolving, but I think that style is also your personality, so I’m always going to be the same person,” she said. “What I wore in a high school is a version of what I wear now. I still love Hollywood glamour; I still love everything old-school.”

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