Gwen Stefani and No Doubt started out melding ska, pop and new wave into their own unique sound, and throughout the years, they slowly began incorporating synthpop into their music.

No Doubt's major label debut was too cute for its time and was overshadowed by the grunge albums of the early '90s, but they persevered and scored a breakthrough with 1995's 'Tragic Kingdom,' which produced six hit songs.

Stefani and company made a more direct venture into synthpop on their 2001 album 'Rock Steady' with 'Hella Good' and 'Hey Baby,' and that trend continued with Gwen's solo albums and tracks like 'The Sweet Escape' and 'What You Waiting For?'

Even though No Doubt's latest album, 'Push and Shove,' was a return to their ska and new wave roots, they've proven they can handle just about any style they want.

Watch Gwen Stefani's 'The Sweet Escape' Video