Rumor has it that Gwyneth Paltrow has called off her plans to hit the road with Matthew Morrison due to dating rumors. The actress/singer, who has been with her Coldplay husband for seven years, was allegedly asked to open some shows, but when she declined, Morrison had to cancel a few dates.

"Gwyneth thought it would be bad for her image to go off on a US tour," an unnamed source close to the actress says. "She pulled out and Matthew has canceled a number of his gigs. "But he is still planning to come to London in June and they have plans to go out to dinner. She’s not ruling out performing with him in the future."

We've seen Morrison and Paltrow perform together numerous times as Will Schuester and Holly Holiday on 'Glee,' and it's a shame that they won't be able to take their duets on the road. According to a spokesperson for the actress, there was never a joint tour in the works for her to call off. "There are no plans for her to tour with Matthew," the rep reports. "There were requests for her to perform at a few events but nothing was ever confirmed."

We don't see how a larger-than-life tour could be bad for Paltrow's image ... Unless she's got something to hide. We wonder what Chris Martin has to say about all of these rumors floating around.

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