They're already lovebirds on the hit FOX show, 'Glee,' and now Gwyneth Paltrow and Matthew Morrison will cozy up in the studio to duet on a song for Morrison's forthcoming debut album.

"The hardest part of doing this album was asking these people favors, like Elton [John] and her," Morrison admits of working with Paltrow on his latest project. "I’m so not that guy."

The glee club coach dished on what the pair's collaboration would be, and revealed that it's the same song that got him on 'Glee' -- 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.' "People kind of know me for that song now," he tells EW.
I wanted to do a duet with a female. I thought that was a good song to do, and we really did a different arrangement of it. It’s a lot of strings, and it’s beautiful."

While the 'Wizard of Oz' classic is a big leap from Paltrow's 'Forget You' Cee-Lo cover, we think she and Morrison will do a sky-high job. Afterall, the musical acting duo's seductive performance of Prince's 'Kiss' on 'Glee''s 'Sexy' episode gave the original song a run for its money. Paltrow is set to appear on another Season 2 episode soon, and she is said to be returning for Season 3 as well.

Morrison's new album -- featuring Paltrow and the leading single, 'Summer Rain' -- drops on May 10.