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Fall fashion usually involves layers upon layers, created by scarves, blazers and jackets, but there are still plenty of reasons to wear sexy, strappy black heels with a dressy ensemble, like you'd wear to a wedding, a business meeting or a date!

Your fall fashion hunt cannot end until you seek out a pair of strappy black heels, which will last you for years and which you can pair with plenty of items you already own.

Let's be honest here. Strappy black heels up the sexiness quotient of any outfit.

Whether they're paired with gold fabric (like Gwyneth Paltrow did), or with hardwear (like Halley Berry's chain belt), or against a fabric in a light color, dark strappies are a closet essential.

There are many options, styles, textures and shapes of strappy heels -- including architectural heels, which are works of art, as demonstrated by the ever-stylish Katy Perry.

Fall forward into fall fashion. But a word of caution. Be careful when teetering on those strappy black heels. Walk slowly and deliberately, and you'll look even sexier.

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