Actress-singer Gwyneth Paltrow has apparently brokered a peace treaty between Kings of Leon and the producer Ryan Murphy of the hit television show 'Glee.'

The parties had been feuding since the Kings turned down a request from the show to use one of the band's hit songs, prompting 'Glee' producer Ryan Murphy to drop an F-bomb on the scruffy southern rockers while calling them "self-centered a--holes."

Kings of Leon's drummer Nathan Followill shot right back. He suggested a bunch of possible ways Murphy could better spend his time, the most polite and gender-appropriate of which was to see a therapist.

Enter A-List Hollywood star Paltrow, who, according to the Hollywood Reporter, got the warring parties to exchange apologies via text message, and who happily reports that "it's all good now." Does that mean we'll now see the kids at McKinley High belting out 'Sex on Fire' anytime soon? Only time will tell ...