Two blonde titans of American pop culture – Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga -- both visited the UK's' 'The Graham Norton Show' last week and each showed off markedly different skill sets.

First, Paltrow, who has transitioned from serious Oscar winning actress to country singer after appearing in the film 'Country Strong,' espoused her love of '90s hip-hop. Norton challenged her assertion that she is a huge fan of the genre by quizzing her about NWA and their classic, profanity-laced release, 'Straight Outta Compton.' Gwyneth was able to spit out a few of the opening lines from the song 'Gangsta Gangsta,' eff bombs and all! Oh Gwynnie. Acting. Country'ing. Rapping. Is there anything you can't do?

Watch Gwyneth Paltrow Rap NWA

Gaga came out to steal the show, dressed in a wedding gown type ensemble cobbled together by an Irish designer, which she said she chose in honor of Norton's heritage, complete with a high-topped veil. That was her skill – drawing all eyes to her, thanks to her attire and her hilarious banter with Norton. Gaga clearly appreciates the distinctive UK sense of humor and she certainly loves tea, too!

Gaga spoke about how she is most at home when tickling the ivories and sitting behind a piano, saying, "The piano is the extension of my arm and I love to dance, but when I am at the piano it's when I feel the most comfortable. I am a songwriter at heart."

Gaga also recalled her days of working the Lower East Side in NYC while trying to make a name for herself and despite being whisked away by the Fame Monster that has engulfed her life, she has never forgotten where she comes from, saying, "I go downtown and I'll slosh back some whiskey and perform in one of the old clubs I used to hang out in." She also said her initial desire when she began performing was the buck the trend of doing sensitive, artistic work and do the polar opposite of what everyone else was doing, which caused Papa Gaga (or Papa Germanotta, if you want to get proper) to raise an eyebrow. "My father thought I was a little bit crazy. But of course daddy is very happy now," she jokes. Gotta love that close knit Italian upbringing that made Gaga who she is.

Even with her outrageous outfits and eccentric style, Gaga is still somewhat traditional and even called her blind grandmother to warn her about some of the colorful language she used during her recent HBO special: "I called her and said, 'I say that I have a pretty tremendous d--- and to get your d---- out in the special, and I just want to explain it's meant to be a metaphor for being strong and aggressive.'" Gaga adds, "she just said, 'I don't understand.'"

Of course, Norton addressed Gaga's unique, inimitable fashion sense, and showed a photo of her taking a tumble at London's Heathrow Airport last year. Gaga stumbling thanks to neck-breaker platforms has become a common occurrence lately, and she has sense of humor about it, saying, "I ate s--- at Heathrow. There I was with custom Japanese shoes and I took three steps and fell so fast and all the cameras were on me and I thought, 'London will think I am a wasted mess,' which is a little bit true."

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