Haley Reinhart dishes out what may be one of the sexiest dumpings we've ever seen, when she breaks up with a guy in her new music video for 'Free,' the lead single from her debut album 'Listen Up!'

The popular Season 10 'American Idol' performer sits on a diner counter in a sexy pink outfit as she addresses a customer, a guy who seems to be having relationship troubles with Reinhart's character. "It's not like I'm invisible / You still wear me under your skin / When we talk we don't talk at all / To weak to leave, too stubborn to give in," she sings with a sense of frustration.

Cut to scene two, where Reinhart has traded the miniskirt for purple heels and the tightest black pants imaginable. Now the guy is stuck inside a car with her as she continues airing her grievances. The poor guy comes off like a real loser, and he never gets a word in, so we don't get to hear his side of the story. But this is Reinhart's music video, so we don't really care to hear the guy's perspective. He can film his own video if he wants a rebuttal, right?

For the final chorus, Reinhart wears a less-revealing button-down jacket but still looks glamorous as she gives the guy the boot for good. "I wanna be free," she declares, and he finally gets the message and takes off.

Watch the Haley Reinhart 'Free' Video