On tonight's episode of 'American Idol,' the contestants chose songs from "Now and Then," meaning they would sing a contemporary hit and a classic song. After disappointing first performance with Lady Gaga's unreleased track 'You and I,' Haley Reinhart came full circle for her second round on the stage, breathing new life into the Animals' trippy 1964 hit, 'House of the Rising Sun.'

Reinhart continues to show off her talent for nailing 1960s rock songs, serving up a spine-tingling rendition of the song. Starting off completely A cappella on a pitch black, smoky stage, Reinhart gave us goosebumps as she breezed through the bluesy song without any missteps. Her wonderfully raspy voice and ability to hit a wide range of notes was showcased wonderfully with this choice of song.

Randy Jackson was stunned by Reinhart's performance, dubbing it the "best performance of the night." Steven Tyler also dug Haley's second performance, saying, "Sweet and sour [and] raspy -- I can really relate to that. That really sells the song, [and] I think you sold everybody tonight." Jennifer Lopez also praised her, and even cracked a little joke. "I don't know if you came out a little angry at us from before or what! That song has never been sang like that before. Great job."

So even though Reinhart gave a not-so-great first performance, we think she definitely redeemed herself big time with her second performance. Let's go, Haley! Show them what you've really got!

Watch Haley Reinhart Perform 'House of the Rising Sun' on 'American Idol'