Today was day three of the stream of 'American Idol' contestants on 'Live! With Regis and Kelly.' Rightfully, following winner Scotty McCreery on Tuesday and runner-up Lauren Alaina yesterday, Haley Reinhart sat down to chat about her musical background and perform 'House of the Rising Sun' today.

Kelly asked Haley whether she's been singing since she was little, and the third place 'Idol' had a surprising answer. "Believe it or not, I was probably even froggier sounding when I was young," she spilled. "I've always been singing, and you know, my folks are together so I've grown up in a house of music."

Haley said that she grew partial to Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler during the competition, admitting that they had a special bond. "I love the guy," she said. "He rooted me throughout the whole thing … He’s a good guy and we really got to see the soft, genuine side of him."

Though Haley felt that sometimes the judges were extra-hard on her during the season, she remained humble in her interview. Following her chat with Regis and Kelly, she took the performance stage to give viewers her raspy rendition of the old folk tune, 'House of the Rising Sun.'

Watch Haley Reinhart Perform 'House of the Rising Sun'