The five remaining 'American Idol' contestants were challenged to take on songs from "Now and Then" tonight, and for her "Now" songs, Jimmy Iovine suggested that Haley Reinhart perform the unreleased Lady Gaga track 'You and I' off of her upcoming album, 'Born This Way.' Reinhart received Gaga's blessing and decided to give the song a go tonight.

Haley Reinhart gave us some Gaga drama, appearing onstage laying across the lit up flight of stairs. 'You and I' is one of Gaga's loungier songs, and Reinhart had a hard time filling Gaga's stilettos. Reinhart's voice was strained and forced as she tried to add that lounge quality to the song.

The judges remarks revolved around the fact that people aren't familiar with the song yet. Jennifer Lopez nicely says, "You had some good moments in the song, I'm just not sure that was the best advice Jimmy gave you," and Randy Jackson agreed. However, Steven Tyler commended Reinhart's brave song choice, saying, "When someone can take a song they don't know and make it work ... That's a hard thing."

We wonder what Lady Gaga will think of the performance, and if the judge's critiques and Reinhart's less-than-stellar performance will hurt her chances. It's upsetting to see Reinhart do poorly, especially because we know she has the vocal chops to take it to the top!

Watch Haley Reinhart Perform 'You and I' on 'American Idol'