A few months ago, 'American Idol' Season 10 contestant Lauren Alaina received a marriage proposal in the parking lot at one of the show's summer tour gigs. Well, her season-mate Haley Reinhart, also a semi-finalist, was the recipient of a similar proposal at a recent radio station event in Tyler, Texas.

As you can see in the candid photo above, Reinhart was surprised (and giggly) about the impromptu request. The young man who asked Reinhart for her hand in marriage walked up to the singer for a photo opp. Then, like a true gentleman, he took off his baseball cap and got down on one knee. How adorable and romantic. Who said that chivalry is dead? For a moment, somewhere in Texas, it wasn't.

Seriously though, who wouldn't want to marry Haley Reinhart? She's cute and has a set of pipes that could melt the polar ice caps -- also, from everything we learned about her last season, Reinhart's a good Midwestern gal with tons of heart.

PopCrush has a feeling these rogue marriage proposals might became a fad like planking. Remember that trend?!

Watch Haley Reinhart Receive Marriage Proposal