Haley Reinhart one again shows she's wise beyond her years, vocally speaking. The former 'American Idol' contestant -- remember her? -- is now signed to Interscope and recently showed off her smoky, jazzy pipes performing in a dimly lit club in New Orleans, the county seat of the blues.

The performance, unearthed by EW, is of an 11-minute rendition of  Billie Holiday's 'God Bless the Child,' which she also performed during Season 10. But don't balk or scoff at the length of the clip. The 21-year-old cycles through plenty of moods and ranges well with the song, never wearing out her welcome. She even engages in a little scatting with the trumpet.

She's such an old soul trapped in that young body. She is truly a throwback from an era long gone by. While weathered bluesmen might wonder what a young Midwestern girl knows about the blues, the pain and power in Reinhart's potent voice certainly does the trick at conveying emotion.

It was good to hear from Haley again. It most certainly won't be the last time.

Watch Haley Reinhart Perform 'God Bless the Child'