Halsey has amassed a strong, dedicated following over the past few months, and they are fervent in their fandom. Their belief in Halsey runs so deep that a few fans actually let her dye their hair however she pleased, all in the name of promo.

According to Noisey, Halsey took over London-based hair salon BLEACH yesterday (September 13), where five fans were transformed by the “New Americana” singer in the form of blue and pink rinses. Despite having no formal training as a hair stylist, Halsey set to work, choosing those specific hues to match the color scheme of her album’s cover art.

It's certainly a unique form of promo for the singer, and it's been working out pretty well for her. According to Headline Planet, Halsey’s debut album Badlands sold 97,000 copies in its opening week, earning it the third-best opening sales week for a solo act in 2015. Only Meghan Trainor and Shawn Mendes had higher openings this year, and both had more immediate exposure and obvious mainstream success than Halsey.

Would you let your favorite artist dye your hair? If yes, who? What if they mistakenly gave you a chemical haircut? Hair grows, right? Do you think that could potentially ruin your relationship with them forever, or would you cling to your fried hair just because they touched it? Let us know.

You can check out photos from the event over at Noisey.

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