Evidently, Halsey's penchant for sexy selfies has not gone unnoticed...

Playboy announced in a statement today (November 17) that the alt-pop queen will appear in the magazine's December issue as its "Becoming Attraction" feature. She won't be nude, but insists in an accompanying quote that she's no prude, either.

"My confidence grew from being intelligent, from being sexual,” she told Playboy. “Put me on stage in front of 100,000 people if you want. You can’t scare me."

"I've learned to pull confidence out of myself like I’m f------ siphoning water from 10 feet beneath the soil," she added.

Josh Reed, Playboy

In one accompanying image (you can check out a full gallery and behind-the-scenes video here), Halsey's dressed in a sexy one-piece black swimsuit, delicately holding the sleeve of a red, shiny varsity jacket. In another, she's sporting matching grey Calvin Klein underwear and popping the collar of a dark leather jacket with a hanging belt and a look that says: Maybe I'll kick your ass later, schedule permitting.

In August, Halsey teased on Twitter that she'd been working with Playboy, and wrote "Today was fun" with an image in which she sports a T-shirt that reads "I posed today" and a rendering of the magazine's famous bunny.

What do you think of Halsey's shots, and her fearless take on being a Playboy feature? Share your thoughts, and be sure to pick up a copy on newsstands now!

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