Halsey made a pretty big announcement via Instagram yesterday evening (October 27). And no, it's not the fact that she has apparently lost her striking blue hair, or that she could pull off a pretty convincing drag king performance as Justin Bieber.

It's about her collaboration with him on his upcoming album Purpose:

Oh yeah. No one told u this. Me and @iamhalsey got one on #purpose.

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Halsey quickly replied, "Lol I know the feeling...," which gave fans "the feeling" that a collaboration was definitely going to happen, or rather, had already happened.

And look at that: She hid the title right in plain sight! Clever girl, Halsey!

The Skrillex-produced track "The Feeling" is but one of many collaborations that will be featured on Purpose, some of which MTV mentions were confirmed when the album officially went on pre-sale: Nas, Travis Scott, Ed Sheeran, and Ariana Grande.

At the end of her brief message, Halsey reminds us that "you don't wanna miss this" — a perfect encapsulation of the excitement surrounding Purpose, which comes out on November 13.

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