If you've ever wondered what a dystopian young adult novel would look like set to the sound of Halsey's "New Americana," look no further than the music video for her current single.

That's the vibe the teaser trailer gives off, anyway. Sticking largely to Halsey's signature color scheme of pastel blues and pinks, the short clip of "New Americana" is an amalgamation of The Hunger Games and Divergent. We'll even throw in a Lost comparison for good measure, because of all the foliage and dirt.

Truly, there are so many pop cultural references we could pull out from this music video, though it's unclear how deliberate any of them are: There are young-people-soldiers, allusions to torture, a giant fire, and Halsey even briefly appears in a short green wig -- this video has everything!

Halsey's been promoting the release of her debut album Badlands nonstopShe recently performed at Jay Z's Made in America Festival and also made an appearance at London-based hair salon BLEACH, where a handful of fans let her dye their hair various shades of pastel blues and pinks (again, to align with the color scheme of her album's artwork). Those plugs certainly paid off -- Badlands sold exceptionally well, moving 97,000 copies in its first week, earning it the third-best opening sales for a solo act in 2015 so far.

The official music video isn't due until Friday (September 25), but you can check out the teaser trailer for "New Americana" above in the meantime.

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