Etsy is a great place to find artistic creations of all sorts, but this one may be our favorite. An embroidered, framed replication of one of Kanye West's most infamous tweets sold on the site today for $5.

As The FW notes, a seller from California stitched the words that West wrote last October on Twitter: "I hate when I'm on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle."

The cloth version of West's water bottle tweet was available for a mere $5, but it's already been sold. The seller is continuing to take orders, including personalized requests, and with all the attention she has received, she can probably raise her asking price substantially.

Kanye's water bottle tweet was so awesomely ridiculous it won an MTV O Music Award earlier this year, and it was also included in a best tweets medley performance by Amanda Palmer at the Shorty Awards. Josh Groban has also poked fun at West's tweets, singing them with over-the-op earnestness on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'