Kings of Leon fans aren't the only ones disappointed the band had to cancel 28 dates on its US tour. Hanson guitarist Isaac Hanson told WENN that the rock group and singer Caleb Followill should re-examine their priorities.

"I have a hard time with musicians who act like pricks because it just makes me mad," Isaac Hanson said, adding that those who play music for a living should consider themselves lucky. "I'm gonna call somebody out on it -- the Kings of Leon are running some risks. They're irritating people and you can't do that too much. Eventually the bad boy image affects fans' willingness to show up. Their fans will get bummed out."

Hanson was referencing the July 29 incident in Dallas where Followill stormed offstage and did not return. A statement from the band cited "vocal issues and exhaustion" as the reason for the cancellation, but bassist Jared Followill admitted, "I can’t lie. There are problems in our band bigger than not drinking enough Gatorade."

As Caleb's bandmates try to get him into rehab, Isaac tried to put Kings of Leon's situation into perspective: "Everybody has their demons, everyone has their challenges ... I'm a bit of a hothead in certain circumstances, but you've got to temper it because your fans are there and they've paid good money to see a show."

Hanson compared Kings of Leon to British hitmakers Oasis and their unpredictable singers, brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher: "Oasis got that too and it hurt them ultimately, because it made it hard for people to have a lot of fun at their shows -- because they were worried that Noel was gonna get pissed off (and walk off)."