Taylor, Isaac and Zac Hanson are family men, so it's really no wonder why VH1 chose the brother band to perform at the Save the Music Foundation's Family Day over the weekend. While performing at the show on Oct. 22, Hanson entertained the crowd gathered at the Anderson School in New York City with newer songs like 'Thinking 'Bout Something' and 'Give a Little' as well as older hits like 'Penny & Me.'

Hanson's feel-good performance at VH1's Family Day actually coincided with Zac's 26th birthday, so the crowd and his brothers partook in a 'Happy Birthday' sing-along. Backstage, the trio took part in some guitar painting, decorating a white six-string with American Flag stripes and their band name.

Families were invited to the VH1 event to partake in a day of kid-and-parent-friendly fun, including musical workshops, sing-along story time, a live drum circle, and a 50th anniversary tribute to the Broadway play 'West Side Story.' We wonder if the guys from Hanson brought along their wives and kids to the event!

Watch Hanson Perform 'Thinking 'Bout Something' at VH1 Save the Music Foundation's Family Day