ABC may have dropped the ball when it canceled cult-favorite comedy Happy Endings after only three seasons, but the show's actors are still confident another network or service might pick it right back up...and they've got big plans for new storylines.

As part of the Vulture Festival in New York City yesterday (May 22), the show's cast and executive producers Jonathan Groff and David Caspe reunited to discuss whether Happy Endings might have a future. Caspe, for one, said he'd be game as long as it was a real operation and not "shot on an iPhone," and Adam Pally, who played Max, wasted no time imagining his character's future.

"Max would somehow have used the way that our country has progressed in the three or four years to his advantage," he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "He’d be somewhere campaigning for Trump. He would be Trump’s business manager or something. Something like that, something big where he’s stealing."

And while there could be some relationship roller-coasters on the hypothetical-horizon (Dave and Penny could date before Dave and Alex eventually got married, Groff said), Jane and Brad would remain steadfastly without children, Eliza Coupe confirmed. Pally said the characters' unusual marriage is a comfort among many trope-y TV couples.

"I do love the dynamic of Brad and Jane, especially now. You don’t see on television married couples who love each other who aren’t stressing about, ‘Oh, are we going to have a kid?’" he said. "They were just a married couple that were in love and living in an awesome apartment. It was really refreshing and I still don’t think you see that on television, and you never see a married couple moving as a unit."

And whether the show comes back or not, Pally added being a part of Happy Endings will have never been in vain.

"The legacy is more personal for me than what happens to the show. I don’t give a sh--,” Pally said. “I hope there is another chance to do this and if it’s the show this is great. I would just love to be around these people more."

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