Just when you thought it was safe, Psy announced that he's dropping a new single. The K-Pop phenom dropped the bomb in a YouTube clip he uploaded for his fans, in which he also did his own rendition of the 'Harlem Shake' -- 'Gangnam Style,' of course.

The video actually begins with Psy speaking Korean, then in English. "On April 13, 2013, my new single will drop globally!" Psy says in the clip. "To commemorate the release, I will be holding an exclusive concert titled 'HAPPENING' at Seoul World Cup stadium in Korea! I'm going to do a concert in Korea. You can see it live on YouTube. Just for you."

Capitalizing on his time in the limelight as much as he can, Psy also released a series of remixes of his more-viral-than-the-flu hit. The four-song EP, 'Gangnam Style (Remix Style)' features a Diplo remix of 'Gangnam Style' with guest MCs 2 Chainz and Tyga, as well as an Afrojack remix.

There are also instrumentals of the Diplo remix as well as the original track, which should make for some amusing karaoke performances.