An ice cream sundae that mimics the fragrance notes in a celebrity-designed perfume? Really? Really. That's just what luxe London department store Harrods did to launch Justin Bieber's fruity, best-selling 'Someday' fragrance in their stores. WWD reports that the sundae is called the "Bieber Bocker Glory" and it comes with a cool $32 price tag, which is a rather steep asking price for a creamy treat, no matter how decadent or delicious. While much of The Biebs' fanbase won't be able to afford such a luxe dessert, Harrods is actually donating all proceeds from the sale of the sundae to the Make-a-Wish foundation, which creates memorable celebrity experiences for sick children. That's a move that we certainly applaud.

So what about the taste and the flavor profile of the Bieber Bocker Glory? Well, it's a mix of wild berry, fresh pear and vanilla ice cream, accented with lavender sprinkles and edible glitter. Edible glitter? The ingredients were inspired by the notes that comprise the scent, which is shattering all kinds of records here in the US since it debuted earlier this summer.

The creamy confection is being offered at the Harrods' new Ice Cream Parlour café, which is located on the second floor of the store. The sundae is available for a limited time only and is being offered through the month of August, since the fragrance is exclusive to this particular retailer for this particular month. 'Someday' will expand nationally in the UK in September, which will probably spell the end of the Bieber Bocker Glory. So all English fans of The Biebs should devour the sundae will you still can. It sounds like a taste bud tickler.