It's some hairy Harry bidness.

Harry Styles is jealous of his One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik and it's not for the reasons you'd think. Styles, celebrated for his moppish and artfully disheveled hair, is green with envy over Malik's highlighted, faux hawk-y strands. Wait, WTF? It's like Prince William of England being jealous of his little brother Prince Harry because he is a prince. It makes no sense – both 1D boys have great heads o' hair. So what gives?

When asked what he'd like to steal from one of his groupmates, Styles pretty much said he'd want to harvest Malik's hair, but it's not Hair Club for Men envy or anything like that.

"I would probably steal Zayn’s hair. I think it looks cool," Styles, who is squiring another well-coiffed artist in Taylor Swift.

As for his own famous locks, Styles has a love-hate relationship with his follicles. "It’s hard because it’s kind of my favorite and also my least favorite thing," Styles told Now (quotes via Hollywood Life.) "I really like it. But sometimes it can get in the way, especially when I’m going for a run…Sometimes it’s a real pain."

Harry, we have an easy fix. Throw a cap or a headband on and voilà! No more annoyance-by-hair. Whatever you do, don't cut it.

His other bandmate Niall Horan concurs. Horan told Now, "He has all the power in his curls. The women love him."

So that's how he lured T. Swizzle to his side. It's the hair. It has magical powers and is magnetic. Harry's hair has juju.

In case you were curious, Horan wants Styles' abs; Malik wants Louis Tomlinson's humor and confidence; Tomlinson wants Liam Payne's level-head or Horan's carefree, live-loving attitude; and Payne would like to adopt Horan's way of thinking or Styles' diet.

Could you guys imagine the Frankenstein-like creature that would be the result of harvesting a quality or a physical trait of each member of 1D? Handle it... we can't even begin to!

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